Words from our families...

"Pennies From Heaven, Let me introduce you to our sweet daughter, Lydia.  She is 3 months now and loves to cuddle.  Lydia has found her thumb and is starting to suck.  She has the cutest chubby cheeks and lots of brown hair.  Her big 2 year old sister Julian enjoys hugs and gives her kisses.  Lydia was born with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome and Bilateral Hydronephrosis.  This makes her treatments difficult because both are considered severe.  After 3 months at Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh, doctors believe she will not survive the surgery she needs nor live long enought to be re-evaluated later.  Lydia also does not qualify for translpant.  We have decided to take her home, take a leave from work, and be a family as long as we can. 'From the fullness of grace we have received a blessing fron another.' John 1:16  Thank you for your help in our difficult time.  Love the "G" Family."


"All Volunteers, We just wanted to thank you for all the hard work you have done.  There has been a few times where we wondered how we were going to eat, but then you all came to the rescue!  I certainly don't think we could have made it this long in our stay without your help.  Thank you so much for what you have helped us with and helped so many other families with.  You are really a blessing from heaven!  Love, Evan, Marie & Devin"

"Hi, my name is James and we have been down here in Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh and wanted to say thank you for everything you guys do to help us and families like us in our times of need.  Thank you again so much, we appreciate it just as I'm sure all the other families do as well.  God bless all of you for the wonderful job you do."

"My name is Christina, my son was born with gastroschisis and has been hospitalized at Children's five times in the last three months.  I wanted to message you guys to say thank you for the help.  It has made things so much easier for us.  Thanks for everything.  May God bless all of you."

“My 18-month-daughter suffered a terrible accident in July and spent six weeks in Children's Hospital PICU. Pennies from Heaven stepped in and assisted our family so that we were able to focus on our daughter. During our time at Children's, I came across so many families that were also thrust into horrible situations with their children and most don't realize the financial burden that is put upon families when their children are in the hospital for an extended period. This is a wonderful foundation and I was so blessed to have them help us.”

“ As many of you know our daughter just went through the fight of her life at Children’s Hospital and I can tell you first hand the difference your donation to Pennies from Heaven will make.  Kelsey was at Children’s for the entire summer and the support we received from Pennies from heaven helped with the expense of traveling to the hospital every day.  Between the gas, the parking, food and the coffee the expenses piled up quickly.

Dan and I are lucky because we work for ourselves so one of us was with Kelsey 24/7.  Many parents are not that lucky and need to travel between the hospital and their jobs many times a day.  I saw the faces of those parents who had to leave their child because they had to work.  It is heart breaking. It is because of the generosity of others that an organization like Pennies From Heaven can help a family going through one of the most horrific times imaginable.   Please consider making a donation to this wonderful organization.” -George Anne